Aps David Hayfron started by laying emphasis on the structure of every building and pointed out that Jesus is also building a strong structured church that the gates of hades cannot prevail over.

“When the gates of Hades are broken, it becomes easier to deliver those who are its captives”, he added. In defining a Church Aps. Hayfron explained that the Church is not just a congregation of people, or a community but a called-out people who belong to God’s Household. Ephesian 2:19-20. 1 Peter 2:9-10; He said this at Dwomor Central at Techiman on the 15th of February,2019 during annual Area Leaders’ Retreat when he spoke on the topic “The Nature and Mission of the Church”

Aps Hayfron then explained how God called Abraham and promised to bless him, and make him great. He then furthered to explain the models that must characterized the true church of God
2. THE CHURCH AS THE BODY OF CHRIST(Acts 1:1, Ephesians1:22-23)
3. THE CHURCH AS THE BRIDE OF CHRIST: The Church is to be Submissive to the values and Principles of Christ
4. THE CHURCH AS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT(1 Cor 6:19, 1 Cor 3:16): If the Holy Spirit withdraws, Christians will lose our power, direction, conviction and dynamism.
5. THE CHURCH AS THE ARMY OF GOD: The purpose of every army is Defense and Attack. The best way to defend is to attack

Aps Hayforn ended by enlightening his audience about the three components of a fighting force
1. The Conceptual Component – Principles and Strategy
2. The Physical Component: Look at the giftedness of people and give them space to serve.
3. Moral Component: This is the spirit of the group. This coverts Espirites de corps(unity), Loyalty, Good welfare systems administered fairly, not saying negative things to your people,Build spiritual power through fasting, prayer and radical word study, There should be submission within the ranks. The key for divine service is “Humility and Authority”

Aps David Nyansah Hayfron spoke on the topic “Run to WIN” when he met the Youth of Techiman Area on the 16th of February,2019. His main text was taken from 1 Cor 9:24.

Aps David Hayfron compared the life of Saul in the old testament and Paul to give his audience a clearer understanding of how important the end can be.( 1 Samuel 26:21, 2 Tim 4:7-8)

He then advised the youth to use their talents, skills, intellects to serve God. Delving deeper into his topic Apostle Hayfron used three Biblical characters for his illustration

1. Asahel: Asahel approached a battle he had no energy and wisdom to fight. His inability to know his enemy’s strength led to his death.
The lessons that can be learnt from Asahel story was that
1. The youth should not rob shoulders with their fathers in a competitive way
2.The youth should not be in a haste to make a name;
3. The youth should spend time to build skills and capacity

2. Ahimaaz 2 Samuel 18:21-
Joab knew that those who carried the news of the death of Saul, Jonathan and Ishbosheth were killed by David and David may kill anyone who carried the news of Absalom’s death, Joab spared Ahimaaz by sending a Cushite(a wise servant) to David.
Ahimaaz believing in his ability to run faster overtook the Cushite to reach David but Ahimaaz ended up being disgrace.
1. The system will put you aside and wait for those who have prepared themselves. Prepare yourself. Don’t just exhibit your skills.
2. Choose your platforms carefully.
3. Hide yourself when you are not needed. Hide yourself if others are being used. When your time is up, you will be well sought after.

3. Joseph (Genesis 39:11-14):
1. Joseph knew that the woman was interested in him, but underestimated the extent to which she could go. When people show you their evil character, believe them for who they have shown to be.
2. Joseph kept the affair secret. The bible says we should expose such people: Ephesians 5:11.
3. Joseph went to Mrs Potiphar’s room alone when no one else was in the house… He did not apply discretion. The youth must flee from the trap: 2 Tim 2:22-23, I Cor 6:18
4. Joseph left his coat behind, that coat was used to frame him up. Some of the things we leave behind are phone numbers, our needs and our vulnerabilities
Run with your coat

Apostle Hayfron ended with the scripture 1 Cor. 9:25-27. Present at the meet were the Area head of Techiman, Aps. Asante Ayeh, Pastor Pipim (Youth Pastor- Techiman) and his wife, and other leaders