Aps. Nyansah Hayfron spoke on the topic “DEVELOPING SINCERE FAITH IN GOD” on the second day of his visit to the Ashanti Region at Kwadaso Central Church on 21st March,2018. The meeting was attended by a host of pastors and wives, Youth Ministry Leadership of Kwadaso and multitudes of young people from all the districts in the Area.

Apostle Hayfron started by making the congregation to understand the difference between faith and belief. Faith he mentioned “is a substance of things hope for; evidence of things we do not see. It is also a fruit of the Spirit; faithfulness, and a strong confidence in or commitment to God. “, and he then defined belief as an opinion or judgment in which a person is fully persuaded. Faith (“Pistis” in Greek) means ‘trust’ and it is not the same as belief. Belief can lead to faith when we believe not only with our heads but with our hearts and our wills.

When we develop belief, we become believers, but when we develop faith we become disciples.
Faith includes our beliefs and it requires action. If the faith we have doesn’t move us to do something or say something or take some kind of action, it is not faith at all (James 2:17), he noted.

He made it clear that we live a new life through Jesus Christ as an evidence of what we have believed, and we want to please Him because we have confidence in Him that He exists, and He will reward us.

He simply illustrated faith with the story of Charles Blondin a tightrope walker who on September 14th 1860 walked on a rope 11,000 feet across the Niagara Falls with a wheelbarrow. He had done it several times; with bicycle, cooking pot, carried his manager across. Charles wanted to do the tightrope walking with a wheelbarrow with a volunteer in it so he asked the people; do you believe I can carry a person across? They yelled: ‘Yes”!! , but unfortunately none of the people present was ready to jump into the wheelbarrow. This short illustration really brought an insight to Apostle Hayfron’s hearers.

Our belief in Jesus Christ’s death for our sins, and the belief that he lives inside of us and has offered us eternal life gives us a promise and an evidence (Gal 2:20).

He further explained three truths about sincere faith saying sincere faith can be seen or perceived, built or developed, and it is needful to relate with God and be an overcomer.

In his explanation of ‘perceiving sincere faith’ Apostle Hayfron stated that faith is to allows God’s word to arrest your will, emotions, desires and intellect, and take over the direction and action of your life(Acts 16:1; 2 Tim 1:5, 1 Tim. 3:1 -) and he probed with questions like How do people see you?, when you are taught the doctrines, do you apply it to your life?

Apostle Hayfron noted that Building of sincere faith comes by the word of God (Romans 10:17). The basic idea of faith is trust, therefore, without truth, you cannot build trust. Faith is generated in the heart, and it is needed to build faith. A sincere heart does not pretend. If it is weak, it shows it is weak and needing of help but an insincere heart is very deceptive.

He then emphasized that the quality of heart you have, coupled with the soundness of the doctrine you receive, will determine the sincerity of your faith. Believing in your heart, speaking with your mouth and acting with your will produces faith. Act on what you believe in confidence and your faith will grow.

Sincere faith is needed to relate with God and be an overcomer (Hebrews 11:6, Matthew 17:20)”, he mentioned. All things are possible to God, so when we believe what God’s Word says rather than what the facts on the ground seem to tell us, and we speak those truths instead of getting overwhelmed by facts, that’s when we see things change and mountains and trees moving into the sea.
The meeting ended with an intensive prayer session.

Written by Stephen Eturu
Youth Ministry Office