DIRECTOR’S VISIT TO PENSA KATH(Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital)
Pastor Ebenezer Hagan as part of his visits to the sectors has blessed PENSA KATH (Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital) on the Sunday 1st September,2019 after the PENSA Ghana Leadership retreat on 29th August to 31st August,2019.
Speaking on the topic “GROWING THE SEED OF THE WORD OF GOD IN THE SOIL OF YOUR HEART”, Pastor Hagan has emphatically asserted that apart from the Holy Spirit the greatest asset of the Church are the young people, and they are like arrows that must be released to possessing the nations.
According to the Director, the core mandates; Discipleship Mandate, Unleashing Mandate, and Holistic Mandate of his vision for the Youth are geared towards helping young people to know Jesus practically, thus grounding them to possess the nations.
Focusing on the Discipleship Mandate; Habit formation for spiritual development, Pastor Hagan made his audience to understand why they need the word of God, pointing out that the word of God is like a mustard seed in the heart of a man though small, when consciously allowed to grow becomes a gigantic tree that bring rest and deliverance to many.
The word of God is a seed that a man must consciously sow in his heart so that it can produce miraculous results, though initially may not show massive signs, when it starts germinating, it shall challenge your life and break “the outer shell” – the bad characters of life.
Pastor Hagan then advised the students that just as they take their study timetables seriously and achieve much they should apply the same strategy and effort in their Christian live.
Pastor Hagan further explained to his audience how to sow the word of God in their heart, pointing out that it can be done through spending time with God in prayer, fasting, bible studies, bible studies, and meditation.
He ended saying “When you spend time with God, He opens chances for you, so do not look down on His word and you will become a big tree that brings hope to the world”.
Present at the meeting were Pastor Babatunde (Youth Director of Nigeria), Pastor Franklin Kumi Lartey(Travelling Secretary – Asokwa sector) and wife, Eld. Dr. Duah (Pensa International representative – Asia Bloc), Dr. Fiifi (PENSA Patron – KATH)