The Church of Pentecost, mampong area, held their annual youth games for the year 2019. This activity began some years ago by the then Area Youth Leader. And for the past years this legacy has been continued with the venue changing from district to district. The 2019 episode of the area youth games was hosted by Kofiase district.

The occasion saw twelve (12) districts represented, including the defending champions of soccer, Agona District. The games for the day included indoor games like table tennis, ludu, oware and draght and outdoor ones like volleyball and soccer. All the afore mentioned games were keenly competed for with the eagerness of carrying the Ultimate price home to their various districts.

This year’s episode had the honour of receiving the presence of the Mampong Area Head, Prophet Foster Kwasi Aniakwaa. He gave the opening address and the opening kick. In his opening address, he mentioned that Apostle Paul taught the people of Corinth that whether they ate or drank, they should do it all to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31). This was in connection with the games, encouraging that the participants they should endeavour to glorify God with the games. The Prophet advised that believers are not to participate in every fouls means possible to emerge winners. He further added that throughout the games players should not forget that they have been called in such a time as this to be agents of transformation.

Many pastors within the Area were present to offer their support and to ensure a peaceful and successful programme. The games ended peacefully and without casualties. All glory be to God for His grace and mercies.