Aps. David Nyansah Hayfron, the Youth Director, as part of his working visit to the Kumasi Metro, met the youth of Suame Area at the Tetelestai Temple on 23rd March, 2018. Present at the meeting were: the Area Head, Aps. M.C Aseidu, some ministers and wives in the Area, Youth workers and Travelling secretaries within the Kumasi Metro and vibrant youth who were hungry for God’s Word. He spoke on the topic: “Obedience to God brings Glory and Beauty- Lessons from the Torah Psalms.”

He intimated that there is a difference between having good themes, slogans, bible study materials etc. and becoming the product of what our fathers are teaching us- remaining in Christ. He added that knowing the right things does not always translate into doing right. Often people do what they love and not what they know. We have to therefore fall in love with God’s word in order to obey it even in difficult times.

He explained that the Psalms which in Hebrew is “Tehillim” means praise, and is the collection of hymns of ancient Israel. The book of Psalms has different genres and themes that address various specific issues. Some are Royal Psalms, Psalms of praise, Songs of Zion, Psalms of Laments and Torah Psalms. A Torah Psalm is a psalm that encourages people to obey the Torah which is the laws of God. He added that the theme song for the Church of Pentecost for 2018 can pass for a Torah Psalm. He read and explained the lyrics of the Theme song. He also indicated that the three main Torah Psalms in the bible are Psalms 1, 19 and 119.

Apostle Hayfron’s message centred on two of the Torah Psalms; Psalm 1 and 19. He stated that “God could have used various ways to make us obey His word, but because He is not a benevolent dictator he operates His power in love at our will and pace. God could have terrified us with His presence and forced us to obey Him, but he chose to encourage us to do His will. Though God is not a benevolent dictator he has set commands in motion for all things to abide by”.

Apostle Hayfron illustrated “commands” using computer language. He further added that any command one ‘presses’ in one’s life has a specific pre-set outcome. According to Psalm 1, those who meditate and obey the laws of God will prosper in whatever they do.

He further explained that Psalm 19 is divided into four stanzas. Stanza one is from verse1to 6 and it talks about the beauty of creation and how it projects the glory of God. He used Astrophysics to explain the orderly arrangement of the many billion stars and heavenly bodies in space. By the end of the sermon, the congregation had appreciated the fact that there is order in creation because these heavenly bodies obey the commands God has set for them to move in specific orbits and at specific speeds. In the same way, if God’s children will also obey the commands God has set for us our lives will be orderly and beautiful to the glory of God.

The meeting ended with a Question and Answer segment and an intensive prayer session.

Written by Stephen Eturu
Youth Ministry Office.