It was a night of colorful display of the rich culture of Ghana by the-members of the Sunyani Area Youth Ministry. Under the leadership of the Area Youth Pastor; Clement Achim Gyimah, the youth ministry organized a culture night on Monday 19th March 2018 at the PIWC auditorium. The program was on the theme: the Christian youth and culture.

The objectives of the program were:

  • To showcase the various unique traditions and traits of the ethinic groups which together form the body of Christ with emphasis on oneness irrespective of where one is coming from to worship God.
  • Also to encourage the youth to appreciate their unique culture andpatronize locally made goods and services. A marketing exposure for the youth members who are into local trades and businesses.
  • To also curb indecent dressing, promoting traditional or African wear and dressing which is decent and glorifies the Lord.
  • To demystify the notion that African culture is demonic and to relate culture to Christianity. This was to help promote the cultural practices that are Christlike and abhor the ones that do not promote godliness and righteous living.

Participants dressed in their traditional wear depicted the cultures of their hometowns or place of hailing.  The extraordinary outfits of participants cut across all cultures in Ghana. They were so nice and beautiful. Dominant among the dresses were Kente, smock and African prints.

On the night there was group discussion session to deliberate and explore the various cultural practices which promotes: environmental / natural resource conservation,  faithfulness and integrity,  mutual respect and sense of belonging, discipline and Chastity before marriage. While some members exhibited vast knowledge in their cultural practices and traditions others had limited knowledge in that area thus, it was a good platform for learning and appreciating cross cultural practices.

There was a presentation by the Assistant Area Youth Leader,  Elder Michael Osei Banso on the culture of the Church of Pentecost. This was to reecho the church’s culture which makes the church stand out from all other denominations and also register the importance and significance of this church culture to us and the need to know and practice them accenting the fact that the church does not copy.

Participants were thrilled by music from their various culture backgrounds and expressed their joy on the organization and lessons learnt from the various tribes and culture practices.

Members expressed their joy for the opportunity to exhibit some outfits they have kept for a long time against the background of the perfection that such traditional wears could not be worn to church.Thank God now they know they can.

As the proverbial Oliver Twist, participants asked for more of such programs be organized for the youth.

Prices were presented to participants who were well adorned in the various traditions wears.

Reported by Elders Teye Kwasi Melchisedec ( Area Youth Secretary)