As part of his working visit to the Ashanti Region, the Youth Director of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle David Nyansa Hayfron, has visited the youth in Asokwa Area on Tuesday 20th March, 2018. The meeting, which was held at the Atonsu Central Church building, was attended by the Area Head for Asokwa, Apostle Ekow Badu Wood, a host of pastors and wives, Youth Ministry Leadership of Asokwa and an army of young people from all the districts in the Area,
Apostle Nyansah Hayfron spoke on the topic “THE NEED FOR SOUND DOCTRINE- LESSONS FROM CHURCH HISTORY”.

He underscored the fact that of all the attacks that the Church of God has faced in history (including martyrdom and persecutions), one area that the devil has greatly attacked God’s church is in the area of Doctrine. Noting the word of God as a key resource for Christian formation, Apostle Hayfron stated: “The Devil has seen the attack on sound doctrine as a very potent means of destroying the people of God in history”. He referred to the conversation between Eve and the Serpent in the Garden of Eden as a case of how the devil plays on erroneous doctrines (Genesis 3:3). The Last Adam however won the fight against the devil by doing right hermeneutics and application of the word. “If you fail to analyze the text, context, content, intertext and contextualization of God’s word properly, you can run into errors”.

Apostle Hayfron proved to the congregation that most of the erroneous teachings of the church were from people who wanted to explain God’s word or investigate the complexities about God and His word. Since doctrines are products of theological reflection on the Bible, anyone could “theologise” based on personal understanding or experience. Not all such doctrines may be sound. If someone says he has something to say about God, check his relationship or standing with God.
He warned the youth to be on the look-out for the “theologies of devils ad seducing spirits” aimed at grounding the faith of the careless (1 Timothy 4:1ff).

In a nicely demonstrated manner, Apostle Nyansah Hayfron used simple words and terms to explain some erroneous teachings in church history such as Gnosticism, Docetism, Marcionism, Monarchianism, Montanism, Donatism, and Arianism. He did it such that the youth really understood these concepts. He charged the congregation to not allow charlatans and so-called prophets to use human philosophy and psychology to deceive them (Colossians 2:6-8)
He ended by explaining some dimensions of God’s Word and its importance in our lives, and showed the importance of living by undiluted doctrines. He said that Gods Word was:

1. Quick and Active, Able to discern the thoughts and Intentions of the heart- Heb 4:12 (Cf Jer 17:9-10)
2. Truth: John 17:17- Trustworthy, “pisteo or pistis” Faith- Romans 10:17
3. Life: John 6:63
4. Sword of the Spirit- our warfare tool- Ephesians 6:17
5. A Mirror that helps us know how we look like, and how to get better- James 1:23-25
6. Guardrails, keeping us on the path of righteousness: Psalm 119:1,9,11
Without it we change into ineffective, unstable beings who are incompetent in the face of the Spiritual nature of our life and pilgrimage.
The meeting ended with a Question and Answer segment and an intensive prayer session led by Elder Dr. Eric Appau Asante (Area Assistant Leader, Asokwa).

Written by Stephen Eturu
Youth Ministry Office