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On 8th June 2021, the Youth Director of The Church of Pentecost, Ps. Ebenezer Hagan and his wife, Mrs. Priscilla Hagan, paid a working visit to Dunkwa Area as part of the National Youth Week Celebrations for 2021. The week is being held under the theme; “REVIVED AND UNLEASHED FOR A GLORIOUS IMPACT”
(Acts 1:8;Isa. 49:1-3).

Pastor Hagan spoke on the theme for the week with Scriptural reference from Ephesians 2:10 and Isaiah 49:1-3.

He explained that we are the craft of God created onto good works. God knew what He wanted to use us for even before we were created. He molded us to suit His intended purpose for our lives, and He expects us to walk in that purpose. We make a glorious impact when we discover that purpose and walk in it.

Through the employ of Isaiah 49:1-3, Pastor Hagan explained that like Isaiah, we can make a bold announcement to the world that God has prepared us for the purpose for which we were created, and actually move on to possess the nations for God. He stressed that God works with times and seasons in preparing and releasing His servants, calling the youth to learn to wait for God’s appointed timing. “God would release us for a great impact but first, we must let Him revive us,” he said.

He pointed out to young people that the only way we can walk in God’s intended purpose for our lives is to live by the word of God. As arrows in the hands of the Mighty Warrior, we must allow Him (God) to take us through the sharpening process to make us ready for unleashing.

He concluded with a quote: “Show me a young person who is revived and unleashed and I will show you a young person who will possess the nations and make a glorious impact to the glory of our God. ”

The Area Head, Apostle Jones Awuah Afrifa led a powerful prayer session after the word ministration. The presence of the Holy Spirit filled the whole place as young people revived. A soul was won to the glory of God when the altar call was made. Mrs. Priscilla Hagan led the congregation to learn one of the Youth Ministry songs titled “Mey3 cbaa bun’ a mehu Kristo” (Twi).

The young people went back to their various homes poised to take up the nation for Christ and make a glorious impact.

In attendance were the Area Head of Dunkwa Area, Apostle Jones Awuah Afrifa, the Area pastorate and their wives, District youth leaders from the various districts. Attendance was about 1000.

See Photos from the event below!

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