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School of Apologetics

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School of Apologetics

To build a vibrant youth who understand the basics of their christian faith, and defend the truth of this faith against diverse world views that confront it from time to time.


School of Apologetics
  • Equip young people to be entrenched in the faith and to be able to defend it in the face of opposition
  • Make school of Apologetics more responsive to emerging trends and issues that seek to confuse the faith of young people such as sports betting, partying, premarital sex in courtship, media, tattoos, drugs, general sex education, homosexuality, online dating, etc
  • To create a programme on PENT TV that will seek to respond to the questions young people have on the faith, and to rebut deceptive teachings and philosophies of the age
  • To remain committed towards the spreading of the undiluted gospel to all manner of persons.
  • To intentionally be on the lookout for attempts to thwart the gospel (by others) and boldly defend the content and sound interpretation of the scripture and Christian traditions, being sensitive to cultural hemeneutics



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School of Apologetics
  • Today’s Christian youth are faced with many challenges including:
    • Proliferation of bad doctrines into the church
    • Bad cultural influence from other youth through social media.

    As part of the evangelistic mandate of the church to win souls for Christ, the leadership of the national youth ministry envisioned to train young men and women of the church with requisite skill set to engage today’s tech-savy youth with the word of God.

    It was anticipated that this approach would win many to Christ and also be effective in defending the unadulterated word of God against several misleading doctrines that flaunt the media space.

SCOAP is an acronym for School of Apologetics an initiative of the Youth Ministry of the Church of Pentecost. The school seeks to train young people in apologetics – the defense of the Christian faith against internal and external false doctrines.