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The concept of the Youth Political Chamber is inspired by the Vision 2018 of the Church of Pentecost which seek to

  1. Inspire her members
  2. Disciple her members
  3. Make them Fruitful
  4. Committed contributors to nation building

The bible foundation that inspires this vision is Prov 29:2-4 KJV “ When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. he king by judgment establisheth the land: but he that receiveth gifts overthroweth it.

Political Chamber shall continue at the national level and shall have branches in tertiary institutions which shall pick members from their first years on campus. Entry into the National Chamber shall be on merit and shall be competitive. The Church shall commit itself to developing cohorts in the National Chamber for a specified duration (say 2 years) on a selected content on discipleship, the constitution of Ghana, public speaking, and other relevant content. As part of their training, participants shall be required to regularly visit parliament and avail themselves of state functions. This shall be the intentional nurturing component of the Chamber. On the Campues, Political Chamber shall require ites members to go for leadership positions in the SRC and NUGS, and at the hall department, classroom, and other levels. Candidates from home context shall also be required to vie for leadership position in their communities such as serving as assembly members, unit committee members, etc


Political Chamber

The Youth Ministry seeks to raise politicians, statesmen and diplomats for Ghana and the world who shall be real ‘salts and lights’ in this morally challenging post-modern world


Political Chamber
  • Undergirded by principles drawn from God’s word, the chamber seeks to instill into emerging leaders virtues such as hard work, patriotism, honesty, integrity, sacrificial service, social justice and diligence


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  • Leading with integrity and selflessness
  • Being real examples of faith in Christ
  • Using political career to bless the entire world